We believe that the ambience of the hospital does a lot to improve a patient’s condition
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We have Mrs. Vibha Palshetkar, M.Sc., Dip. Nutrition & Dietetics Diet Counsellor who is a clinical nutritionist.
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The first question which any patient's relatives ask to their physician after consulting with the doctor or after any surgery, is what diet the patient should follow.
We have Mrs.Vibha Palshetkar MSc (Biochemistry) Dip.( Nutrition. & Dietetics) who is the clinical nutritionist. In her clinic she not only studies patient's disease and weight but also the careful history is taken about patients work schedule and pattern, his likes and dislikes.
The special recipes are taught to the patientís relatives.
Tube fed patients i.e. Ryle's tube or enterostomy tube require lot of work up and study about his disease. His relatives require training.